Ten transcriptions & play along tracks
  • Format: Download
  • Publisher: PlayJazzGuitar.com
  • Author: Chris Standring


From Chris Standring...

Ten (released march 2016) is a milestone for me. It is my tenth solo recording as an artist and one I am particularly proud of. I really wanted to step up my jazz playing on this album so, along with a good dose of groove and infectious toe tapping stuff, I challenged myself in the solo sections of each song. Often I would go to quite distant chords which were great fun to play over, but somehow I managed to keep it all in context with each song. And I am proud to say without a doubt this album features the strongest jazz playing I have recorded to date.

I also haven't offered a full album transcription of mine since Blue Bolero. (I did offer the band parts to Electric Wonderland but no solo transcriptions). So I figured it was time. And of course time is the key word here because transcribing an album is a huge task, one I recommend by the way. You get to know your own playing quite well, for better or worse!

So enjoy these. In each downloadable zip file you will receive:

  • Original album track mp3 (320kpbs)
  • Album track minus solo guitar (320kpbs)
  • Pdf of complete score
  • Pdf of guitar part lead sheet + chord changes (notated)
  • pdf of transcribed solo guitar part (notation + TAB)
  • Pdf of original keyboard part
  • Pdf of original bass part
  • Pdf of drum part
  • Pdf of horn parts (4 parts in total, appearing on only two tracks)

    Each pdf chart is high resolution and prints beautifully.