A signed photo by Chris Standring
  • Format: Paperback & Kindle
  • Publisher: Ultimate Vibe
  • Author: Chris Standring


Born and raised on a farm in the rural countryside of Buckinghamshire, England, a young boy spent his childhood driving tractors and feeding sheep, all the while dreaming of another life; a life of music. With an insatiable desire to succeed, he moved to London in the 1980s and Los Angeles California in the 1990s. Surmounting many obstacles along the way, Chris eventually realized his wildest dreams and became an international jazz recording artist. This is his story. A story of innocence, ambition and life that all too often gets in the way.

"A fun romp...Chris is a wonderful guitarist and I've seen him in concert many times, so I was interested in reading all about his life and music. He delivers on all levels quite nicely. You'll read about his early days on the family farm in England, the laughs (or not) during the boarding school years and his scary trip to America hitchhiking across the country on a quest for Los Angeles fame. Women? There are a few stories in these pages!! This is a man on a mission who isn't afraid to avoid the common roads in life and find his own way...He most certainly has. Entertaining and hilarious!" - Elle Dutton

"Great insight into how someone's passion for guitar playing took him out of his comfort zone, carefully planning steps from band, better band, best band, jobs and better music into a jazz guitar player who can find steady employment". - Amazon customer

"Loved this book! Love Chris Standring 's music even more!" - Julia Reddout