Guitar Made Simple
  • Format: Online and CD Rom
  • Publisher: PlayJazzGuitar.com
  • Author: Chris Standring


Guitar Made Simple is Chris Standring's beginner's guitar program. This course is designed for two different types of students.

1) Beginner guitarists

2) Players who have been playing for some time who feel they need to go back and understand the guitar more thoroughly. In other words, those players with 'gaps' in their playing.

In this jam packed guitar course you will:

    * Have 65 in depth interactive lessons!
    * Have enough information to last you between 5 to 10 years! (depending on your level)
    * Be playing guitar within days from absolute beginner and continue at an accelerated pace!
    * Learn rhythm 'strumming' patterns!
    * Learn to play melodies and chords to over 25 well known songs!
    * Practice over 300 exercises with highest possible quality audio examples for each!
    * Learn by example and then practice those examples to 'play along' tracks!
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"Great course! Your laid back style makes learning fun, not just a study course. Your technique of teaching presents a relaxed atmosphere which makes learning easy. I have gone through the entire course just to see what is offered and I see nothing left out!" - Robert Nordan, GMS student

"Chris - You've really done a superb job with this course, especially the way you guide a newcomer with absolutely no experience or knowledge regarding the parts of the instrument, the way it's held, the basics of reading music, essential first position chords, playing songs, and so on. Congratulations!" - Mark Stefani, guitarist and educator

"I wish I'd had Guitar Made Simple when I was learning how to play guitar. Chris Standring shows all you need to know about how to play great guitar in this package and he makes it fun and easy to do. There's much to learn from the program and it's a terrific journey into guitar playing from a pro!" - Stephen Bishopsinger/songwriter